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Buying a Home

Two woman and girl with tablet Home ownership is the most common type of housing tenure in Aberdeen with 65% of households owning their homes with or without a mortgage. House purchase can include buying flats or houses, old houses, new houses or buying properties off a plan such as a new housing scheme. You can also buy land and build your own home.

House Prices vary across different parts of the City. Since the latter part of 2007 and the downturn of the UK housing market, house prices in the area have fluctuated, but have remained substantially higher than those for Scotland.

Buying a house is the biggest single financial transaction most people will make, so it is essential to ensure that you do everything necessary to make the purchase and move as smooth as possible.

Buying a home of your own can be expensive and you will need to look at deposits, interest rates and monthly repayments. You will also need to take account of other costs such as removals and possibly buying new carpets, curtains and furnishings. You will also need to take account of future maintenance issues.

Where to look for houses for sale in Aberdeen

In Scotland, Solicitors and Estate Agents buy, sell and lease residential and commercial property as part of the normal course of their business. To assist in the marketing of properties, in Aberdeen, Solicitors have grouped together to form the Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre (ASPC) . From their City Centre Shop or online, prospective buyers can view properties for sale and rent by ASPC members in one location. The ASPC also regularly publishes a free newspaper listing houses for sale.

Options for low cost home ownership

Not everyone will be able to buy a property without some form of assistance or support. For those on a low to moderate income, there are a number of schemes and routes to home ownership available.

Options for low cost home ownership:  Low Cost Housing.

Where to find more information

Local newspapers

Websites advertising properties for sale in Aberdeen

Scottish Government

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