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Housing Advice Self Assessment and Notes

'Please read these guidance notes before clicking on the link to the Self Assessment 

  1. Answer the questions truthfully and accurately. This will ensure the advice you are provided is the most appropriate to your individual circumstances.
  2. After registering your personal details, you will be given a unique reference number. Please make a note of this reference number as we may ask you for it if we need to talk to you.
  3. You will also be given a temporary password that you will be prompted to change when you log into the system for the first time. When choosing a password, we recommend the following:
    - Use at least eight characters
    - Use a random mixture of characters, upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces and symbols
    - Never use the same password twice
  4. When you have answered all the questions you will be provided with a summary of your answers. Unfortunately, if you have made a mistake you will need to renter your information again. We apologise for this Inconvenience and we are currently working on a solution to make this part of the system more user-friendly.
  5. Links to external sites providing advice and information are displayed in blue text. Clicking on these links will open a new window for the relevant website. Close this window to return to the self assessment


To complete the Self Assessment now, please click on the link below -   


Housing Advice Aberdeen Self Assessment 



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