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Please read this guidance before you register

Housing Access Aberdeen  

Information for registering if you are not an Aberdeen City Council tenant


All details in *bold text are mandatory.


If you are an A8 National and have not yet been provided with a National Insurance Number, please enter the temporary number given to you by the Department of Work and Pensions.

For all others, if you do not have a record of your National Insurance Number, please enter a temporary number in the format of TN(date of birth)(m/f) so if your date of birth is 14/05/1968 and you are female, you should enter TN140568F.

Please note that the calendar does not currently display a year. Please pick the correct date and month and then you will be able to overtype the year (e.g. from 2016 to 1966). Apologies for this, but we are working to fix it

If you have already registered please do not re-register. You can contact a member of staff on 01224 523151 or email Housing Access Team for further assistance.