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Doing your own alterations and improvements

If you want to:

  • alter, improve or enlarge the house, fittings and fixtures;
  • add new fixtures or fittings (for example kitchen or bathroom installations,central heating or other fixed heaters, double glazing, or any kind of external aerial or satellite dish).
  • put up a garage, shed , vehicle runway, greenhouse, pigeon loft, fence, wall or other structure;
  • decorate the outside of the house.

You must first get our written permission.  We will not refuse permission unreasonably.  We may grant permission with conditions, including conditions regarding the standard of the work.  For further details please use the contact below.

All our properties are included in a rolling programme of housing improvements including painting and repair to the outside of the properties and major work such as replacement of windows, doors or central heating. For further details see:


  • Sales and Consents Unit
    Business Hub 1
    Lower Ground Floor
    Marischal College
    Broad Street
    AB10 1AB
    Phone: 01224 522136

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