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Homelessness Performance

The Council has a statutory duty to provide a range of services to all people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. The type of services provided and assistance offered is dependent upon the applicant's housing need at the time of approach and the category of homelessness they are determined to have. Some key performance figures for 2015/16 are outlined below.

Homeless Applications and Outcomes


The Council received 1286 homelessness applications, a 15% reduction
upon the 1517 applications received during 2014/15.



998 applications received were from single people, proportionate to 78%
of the overall applicant profile, up 7% on 2014/15.



67 households re-applied for homelessness assistance having previously
received services within the last year.



1142 statutory homeless decisions were reached with 82% of these concluded within the 28 day target a 27% increase on 2014/15.




771 unintentionally homeless households' were permanently re-housed into Council or other social housing accommodation, a 27% increase upon 2014/15. 




On average it took the Council 28 weeks to assess and secure an outcome
for statutory applicants, a 17% increase upon the 24 weeks it took in 2014/15.





474 homeless households were provided with resettlement support to help them maintain and sustain their permanent tenancy, 34 more households than in 2014/15.




91.2% of homeless households who received permanent accommodation sustained
their tenancy for a year or longer, up 1.6% on last year



Temporary Accommodation

At the end of 2015/16 the Council's maintained a stock of 603 units (excluding supported flats) to be let on a temporary basis a 7% increase upon the 564 units held at the end of 2014/15. Most noticeable changes include a 12% increase in the number of furnished Council flats secured, a 30% increase in private units and a 59% fall in B&B/Hotel Rooms.

On the 31 March 2016 stock consisted of:

  • 353 furnished flats belonging to the Council
  • 63 Hostel rooms belonging to the Council
  • 135 PSL units managed by the Council
  • 52 B&B/Hotel Rooms privately owned


On the 31 March 2016 the occupancy rate for all types of temporary accommodation was 86% 

The average length of time households had occupied their current placement was 5.7 months


There were a total of 934 offers of temporary accommodation made.





21 (2%) households refused their offer of temporary accommodation,
with refusal of hostel most common at 4%.






4 (0.4%) households requiring temporary accommodation did not receive an offer.



  • Our prevention of homelessness work is proving successful in intervening to stop evictions and pro actively manage prison cases by visiting on a weekly basis. This is contributing to a reduction in households becoming homeless.
  • We have significantly improved performance in the time to make statutory decisions and are also progressing reviews of support cases to ensure rehousing is not unduly delayed pending any referrals. This will lead to a reduction in the time it takes to resolve cases and we are also working with colleagues to address delays in properties being ready to move in to. Reducing the time households are homeless, as well as the number of cases, will both contribute to a reduction in temporary accommodation provision over time.
  • A person-centred approach to support provision is benefiting new tenants by ensuring help is provided when people need it and leading to excellent tenancy sustainment levels.


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