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Quality of Housing

Aberdeen City Council is committed to ensuring tenants' homes are well maintained, with repairs and improvements carried out when required, and tenants are given reasonable choice about when work is done.



During 2015/16 Aberdeen City Council spent 35,036,510 from a budget of
35,385,000 on planned maintenance on our tenant's homes.





This is 99.0% of the budget.



The improvements listed below will help our properties meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)







Currently 92.3% of all our properties meet all categories of the SHQS. This is due to 726 properties being exempt from the SHQS and 976 properties in abeyance from SHQS. (This can arise when work cannot be done for 'social' reasons relating to tenants' or owner occupiers' behaviour (e.g. where owner occupiers in a mixed ownership block for common elements of SHQS such as roofs, hallways etc. do not wish to pay for their share).

For general information, including how to report a repair, please visit Council Housing Repairs and Improvements.

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