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Aberdeen Victorian Tenements Project

An energy efficiency scheme for owner-occupiers, tenants of private landlords, private landlords and local authority tenants to help you:

  • Save Energy!
  • Improve the Comfort of your Home!
  • Save Money!

If your home is one of over 12,000 flats in granite tenements built in Victorian or Edwardian times, it is now over 100 years old. Some of these flats are hard to heat and your fuel costs can be high. Aberdeen City Council set up this project to look at ways in which the heating systems and insulation in these properties can be improved to:

  • Save energy
  • Increase the comfort levels of the flats
  • Improve the fabric of the building
  • Reduce the costs of fuel

Do you have doors that let in draughts?
Do you have no gas central heating?
Do you have a communal loft which is not insulated at all or one with very little insulation?
Does your water tank let heat escape?
Do your light bulbs need to be changed regularly?
Is there a skylight or a stair window in the property that lets in draughts?

The project offers:

  • Low-cost communal loft insulation
  • Free draught-proofing of communal doors
  • Free low energy light bulbs
  • Free reflector panels for gas radiators
  • Information on energy efficiency and repairs in tenements
  • Co-ordination of communal insulation work

For a limited time period free loft and under floor insulation is available for all Victorian tenements in the city.

Depending on your circumstances, there may be grants and practical help available to help solve all of these problems. Some of this help is available to individual householders, but it may prove more effective and convenient if neighbours work together to tackle problems.

Visits can be made to individual householders for initial discussions, but it may prove easier to meet groups of neighbours, particularly when there are problems common to all the flats in the tenement.

To arrange a visit, or for further information, please contact the Home Energy Team on or telephone 01224 522016

Whether you are a tenant, a landlord or an owner-occupier, there may be help for you!
Contact to find out!

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