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What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

You will be required to:

  • Move into the property, furnish, decorate and live in it as your only or principal home. You might want to consider budgeting for this or starting to gather items in advance as this can be a major task if unprepared. There are a number of charitable organisations which can help with this.
  • Pay rent weekly/monthly in advance. It is important that your rent is kept up to date or your tenancy can be at risk. We can set up DD and SO arrangements for convenience or you can pay your rent using the Online Payment Facility, Telephone Automated Line, at any outlet with the Paypoint logo or in person at Woodside, Kincorth or Mastrick Access Points. When you sign for the property you will be required to pay up to 2 weeks rent in advance and make a formal payment arrangement to confirm how you will pay thereafter.
  • If you think you may be entitled to claim any benefits to help towards your rental charge, you must ensure any application is completed and any supporting documentation provided, prior to your tenancy starting.
  • Register for Council Tax and make arrangements to set up a gas and/or electricity account with your chosen supplier.
  • Seek permission if you wish to make any changes to the terms of your Tenancy Agreement or with who is living with you, carry out out alternations to the fixtures and fittings or structure of the property, or erect any external structures within the land pertaining to your tenancy
  • Ensure you or those living with you take care to prevent damage to the property. Any wilful damage or neglect will be recharged to you, even if it was not you personally who caused it.
  • Ensure you or those living with you do not behave in an anti-social manner or in any way which might cause nuisance or annoyance to neighbours. Everyone is entitled to enjoy their home but it is important to respect those who live around you and ensure that they are not affected by your lifestyle.
  • Keep your property clean and in good decorative order. Along with your neighbours, keep any common parts of the block clean such as shared landings or stairs. All residents of a shared block must play a part in ensuring that they keep their environment clean and tidy.
  • Keep your garden area tidy and well maintained. We operate a Garden Maintenance Scheme to assist elderly, disabled and tenants who are medically unable to maintain their gardens.
  • Ensure that you dispose of refuse correctly and on the appropriate collection days to ensure that your property and any communal areas are kept in a sanitary and hygienic condition. Information on recycling and waste disposal days can be found on our website at Waste and Recycling


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