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What happens if I am offered a property?

If you are selected for an offer of housing you will be contacted by the Area Housing Team responsible for the vacant property. At that time your Housing Application details will be checked to ensure your circumstances have not changed. You will be asked some questions about how you propose to pay your rent and furnish the property and, should everything be in order, you will be formally made the offer.

When keys are available you will be given the opportunity to view the property with a Housing Officer, following which you will have 48 hours in which to decide if you wish to accept it. When the repair and maintenance checks are complete you will be asked to come into the relevant area office and sign your Tenancy Agreement. This sets out the rules and responsibilities of a tenancy in order that you understand what is required of you as a tenant and what is required of Aberdeen City Council as a Landlord. You will be required to pay up to 2 weeks rent at the lease signing. If you are in receipt of benefits, or entitled to help with your housing costs you will be required to complete the necessary forms and provide evidence of your income.

If you decide to refuse the property you will be asked to explain clearly the reasons why you have done so in order that any future offers can be amended to take this into account. Please be aware that applicants are made one offer of suitable housing only and, if refused, your application will be deferred for one year. It is important, therefore, that you keep your application as up to date as possible.

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