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Multi-storey Fire Safety

The safety and security of our tenants and residents is paramount and we continuously inspect our properties to ensure they meet the required safety standards and regulations.

The materials and fittings within a multi-storey are designed to prevent fire and smoke spreading.

All of our over-cladded buildings were designed to comply with Scottish Building Regulations, and have been subject to building warrant approval, detailed design and specifications showing compliance with regulations and an inspection regime.

It is important to note that all materials employed in the over-cladding are fire resistant and fire stops are incorporated to cavities at party walls, party floors and around windows, which encloses the cavity area to further prevent any risk of fire spreading across the surface of the building.

We would encourage all residents to become familiar with the multi-storey fire safety information  located in the communal areas of our buildings:

 UK Flag Fire Safety Poster English

 Latvian flag Fire Safety Poster Latvian

 Lithuanian Flag Fire Safety Poster Lithuanian

Polish Flag Fire Safety Poster Polish

Romanian Flag Fire Safety Poster Romanian

 Russian Flag Fire Safety Poster Russian