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Adult Learning Courses

We currently offer a range of courses at various locations across Aberdeen. 
If you are interested in any of the courses detailed below please contact us.
Telephone: 01224 346447 / 346448 


Learn English to help you in your everyday life so that you can speak to your neighbours, buy things in shops, talk to your child's school, make health appointments etc.

Reading and Writing (Literacies)

Improve your basic reading and writing skills so that you can read instructions, write letters, help your children with schoolwork, improve your chances of getting work etc.

Beginners Computing

Learn basic computing skills so that you can create an e-mail account, use the internet, shop online, keep in touch with relatives and friends, apply for work etc.

Numbers (Numeracy)

Improve your basic number skills so that you can check your change, plan journeys using timetables, plan your household budget, check your bills are correct, help your children with schoolwork etc.

Confidence to Cook

Improve your cooking skills so that you can eat healthily, reduce food costs, plan meals, encourage good eating habits within your family, prepare and store food safely etc.


Learn the skills to help you find a job so that you know how to access vacancies, complete a CV, fill in an application form, prepare for a job interview etc.


We are constantly reviewing the course and classes we have on offer to best meet the learning needs in Aberdeen.  If you have any ideas or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

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