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Revenue Grants (Organisations)

This scheme provides financial assistance to local and national voluntary organisations providing educational* opportunities for people in local communities in Aberdeen.

Applications are considered by:

Service Manager 0-7 and School Improvement.

Funding available:

To support management, administration and on occasion, staffing costs of an organisation or event.

Who can apply?

Groups and Voluntary Organisations must:

  • Assist the Council in carrying out the work in the community;
  • Contribute to the implementation or development of the Council’s aims and objectives;
  • Be active in the city and contribute to services that benefit people in the community or, if it is a national organisation, be supported in principle by the Convention of Scottish Local Authority (COSLA);
  • Have a written constitution and a properly elected Management Committee;
  • Have an equal opportunities statement or policy;
  • Have proper accounting procedures and be able to present accounts to the Council;
  • Be able to show how funds will be managed and used constructively and report this to the Council;
  • Acknowledge any support offered by the Council on all publicity material relating to the project. (Appropriate art work will be supplied).

Funding will only be available for groups which are non-denominational and have clear educational* purposes. Individuals/groups that come into one or more of the following categories will be given priority:-

  • Long term unemployed (six months or more); 
  • Low income; 
  • Special needs;
  • Minority groups;
  • Single parents.

* Definition of “educational”:

  • Developing of core skills, including adult literacy, numeracy, use of ICT, problem solving and working together;
  • Engaging with young people to help them experience positive development - whether they are of school age or beyond. This applies particularly to those at transition stages who are, or who are at risk of becoming, alienated from society, whose educational experience has left them dissatisfied or whose lifestyles makes them vulnerable;
  • Supporting individuals, families, people with disabilities, interest groups and communities that are endeavouring to improve the quality of their lives;
  • Promoting lifelong learning and healthier more positive lifestyles within the context of voluntary activities.

How to apply?

Complete the Funding Application Form below (Parts 1 and 2).

When to apply?

Applications should reach the Education Culture and Sport service by the second week in May. Please note that awards will not be made to groups:

  • receiving funding from other organisations where that would result in the total funding exceeding requirements; or
  • where the Council consider that a particular aspect of the organisation’s work is being double funded by either the Council and or another organisation.

Downloadable forms

For advice or further information contact:

  • Roy Flett
    Early Years Administrator
    Aberdeen City Council

    Frederick Street Centre
    Frederick Street
    AB24 5HY
    Telephone: (01224) 814828