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Pledge #lifenotknife

Aberdeen City Council launched its anti-weapon/knife crime strategy on Friday 10th March 2017 

The anti-weapon/knife crime strategy aims to:

  • highlight weapon/knife crime and the consequences of carrying a weapon
  • raise awareness about the types of situations that can lead to violence   

#lifenotknife - Join the Pledge 2017


As part of the strategy we want all young people to pledge to:

1.  Never Carry A Weapon
2.  Share Information - See It Hear It then Share It

 You can play your part in making a safer community by pledging to never carry a weapon and to share information.

Share the hashtag with friends and show your support by filling in the form to make your pledge.

The form asks for your school and age group. By telling us this, it will help us to improve our anti weapon strategy.



Aberdeen City Council's Corporate Management Team fully supports the anti-weapon/knife pledge #lifenotknife


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