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Pledge #lifenotknife

Aberdeen City Council launched its anti-weapon/knife crime strategy on Friday 10th March 2017 

The anti-weapon/knife crime strategy aims to:

  • highlight weapon/knife crime and the consequences of carrying a weapon
  • raise awareness about the types of situations that can lead to violence   

#lifenotknife - Join the Pledge 2017


As part of the strategy we want all young people to pledge to:

1.  Never Carry A Weapon
2.  Share Information - See It Hear It then Share It


You can play your part in making a safer community by pledging to never carry a weapon and to share information.

Share the hashtag with friends and show your support by filling in the form below to make your pledge.


#lifenotknife - the anti-weapon pledge.

Make your pledge by simply submitting this form. By telling us your school and age group, it will help us to improve our anti weapon strategy.
* Indicates required information

If you experience problems submitting the form please email:


Aberdeen City Council's Corporate Management Team fully supports the anti-weapon/knife pledge #lifenotknife


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