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Corporate Parenting Information

We are ALL Corporate Parents!

 This means that Aberdeen City Council has a responsibility to support children and young people who have experience of being looked after. This can be done in a variety of ways from creating work experience opportunities for looked after young people to improving the services that they rely on.

On 1 April 2015 the Corporate Parenting section of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 comes into force. This gives us increased responsibilities in order to improve the lives of our looked after children and young people. For example, each Council in Scotland will plan, collaborate and report on how they are meeting their responsibilities.

What is Corporate Parenting?

Corporate parenting is:

Corporate parenting is a responsibility and an opportunity to improve the futures and support the wellbeing of looked after children and young people. Success relies on many different organisations - including local authorities, health boards, the police and schools - recognising they have an important contribution to make.

Who is a Corporate Parent?

On 1 April 2015, 24 public bodies will be named in statute as Corporate Parents. More information is located Here.

What does it mean to be looked after?

Some children and young people living and growing up in Aberdeen become "looked after" because of circumstances in their life that mean the Council have to provide care and guidance to them and their families.

Children and young people may be looked after at home or away from home for example in foster care, a children's home or in a residential school.

What Aberdeen City Council is doing?

Aberdeen City Council is committed to being a good Corporate Parent!

Since 2012, our Corporate Parenting Policy has provided a framework for staff to identify specific actions and interventions to close the gap between looked after children and young people, care leavers and their peers. The main focus of the policy is to:

  • improve the length of time looked after children stay in full time education and the grades they achieve;
  • increase the number of looked after children entering further education, employment and training;
  • reduce involvement in the criminal justice system;
  • reduce levels of homeless care leavers; and
  • ensure that children and young people live full and healthy lives.


This is being done in various ways including:

  • joint working with partners;
  • the development of a Champions Board that focuses on removing specific barriers faced by looked after children and young people;
  • additional educational support through the Looked After Teacher and virtual school;
  • specific events for looked after children and young people;
  • engaging looked after children and young people about the services they use to inform improvements; and
  • creating work experience opportunities for looked after young people within the council.

More information

WhoCares? Scotland is an advocacy organisation for looked after children and young people:

For additional information on Aberdeen City Council's Corporate Parenting Policy please