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Children’s Performance Licences

Any child under compulsory school leaving age, wishing to take part in any public performances, will only be able to do so under authority of licence granted by the Local Authority for the area where the child lives.

A licence is necessary for:

  • a performance in connection with a charge (such as an admission fee or wage);
  • any performance in Licensed Premises (pubs, clubs or any establishment where alcohol is sold;
  • any broadcasting performance or;
  • television performance

Further information and advice on the regulations can be obtained by contacting:


  • Moyra Forbes
    Education Maintenance Allowances
    Support Services
    Education Culture and Sport
    Business Hub 13
    Second Floor North
    Marischal College
    Broad Street
    AB10 1AB
    Phone: 01224 523898
    Fax: 01224 522022