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Additional Support Needs

ASN Parents' Forum

The ASN Parents' Forum meets 3 times each school year. The meetings are an opportunity for parents and carers of children with additional support needs to come along and meet other parents and carers, as well as educational professionals.

Each meeting starts with tea/coffee, followed by a themed presentation from relevant professionals. (Past themes have included Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC), Dyslexia and the Educational Psychology Service). After that, parents and carers can speak face to face with a range of professionals involved in the Forum offering advice and support.

Come along to find out more about Additional Support for Learning, receive updates on additional support needs matters and have your say in any joint Council-Parent ASN workgroups that come up.

2013 / 2014 Dates

All meetings are from 7.00pm for tea and coffee. Meeting times are from 7.15pm to 8.15/8.30pm.


  • Hazelwood School
    Fernielea Road
    AB15 6GU


For further information and to confirm attendance please contact Jean Marshall (Education SupportOfficer).

Email:  Phone: 01224 522780

Additional Support Needs

The majority of children and young people are able to access the curriculum without the need of additional help other than that which would ordinarily be available in the classroom.

A child or young person requiring planned extra support to allow them to better engage in their learning has 'additional support needs'.

A need for additional support does not imply that a child or young person lacks abilities or skills.

Additional support needs can be long or short term and may arise through any of the following:

  • Learning Environment
  • Family Circumstance
  • Disability and Health
  • Social and Emotional Factors

Additional support may take a number of forms and come from health, social work or some voluntary organisations as well as from education.

Aberdeen City Council has a policy of Inclusion. Our definition of inclusion is:

"..the process of developing flexible systems to support the needs of all children and young people through collaborative partnership working."

The main aim of inclusion is to ensure that children and young people with additional support needs (ASN) receive adequate and efficient provision as stated in the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 and in line with The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2009 (the 2009 Act).

In Aberdeen, as part of our strategy for learning, we are in the process of moving towards three tiers or levels of provision for 3-18 year olds;

  • Tier 1: Mainstream primary and secondary schools with on-site support/provision
  • Tier 2: Mainstream primary and secondary schools with extended facilities/resources
  • Tier 3: Free-standing specialist school

Aberdeen City Council also has an Accessibility Strategy which aims to provide a route towards equality in education for all children and young people with disabilities.


  • Helen Milne
    Acting Service Manager ASN
    Additional Support Needs
    Education, Culture and Sport
    Business Hub 13
    Second Floor North
    Marischal College
    Broad Street
    AB10 1AB
    Phone: 01224 523580

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