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Small Grants - Education (for community groups)

This grants scheme is available for a range of community groups requiring special support and is for educational purposes only.

The funding available is:

  • Towards NEW assets, resources or services, not to cover replacement of equipment or ongoing running costs
  • The maximum award will be 600

Who can apply?

  • Groups with members living in a designated priority area or areas in Aberdeen
  • Groups in which 75% of the members and service users:
    - are in receipt of a state pension
    - have a disability
    - are single parents
    - are unemployed

As the others above are in receipt of income support, working families tax credit or training allowance.

What you can apply for

  • Equipment and Furniture
  • Training
  • Classes or;
  • Educational visits.

The following information should be given on the small grants Additional Information Form: (available as part of the Aberdeen City Council Funding Pack and from the address below).

  • Exact cost of equipment and furniture
  • Training - details of: course content, where it will take place, who is providing the training, proposed rate of pay and any other details, are all required
  • Classes - details of: the programme, who is teaching, rate of pay and any other costs
  • Educational visits - details of: the educational purpose and content of visits; cost of travel and of accommodation are required. The group should raise a reasonable proportion of the costs.
  • Details of adequate insurance and security arrangements
  • A clear statement of educational need and benefits, especially where the assistance requested could be eligible for support by other Council services e.g. sports, arts etc.

When to apply

Complete Part 1 of the Funding Application Form and the Small Grants Additional Information Form (available as part of the Aberdeen City Council Funding Pack ). Copies of the Funding Pack can also be obtained from the address below.

Applications should be received by the end of the 3rd week in October in any year.

Please note:

  • Only one grant is available in any financial year (April 1st - March 31st)
  • Grants awarded must be spent within 6 months of receipt.
  • Groups making visits abroad must be prepared to make presentations on the educational aspects of their visit
  • If, after receiving funding, your group/organisation is dissolved then any assets/equipment bought should be returned to the Education Service where a decision will be made on it's future use.
  • New equipment bought should be made available for use by other community groups when not required by your group/organisation
  • A report form is provided for use when reporting on the grant received
  • A list of designated priority areas is included in the Funding Pack.

Downloadable Application Forms

Please use the contacts below if you have any queries.

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  • Roy Flett
    Early Years Administrator
    Aberdeen City Council
    Frederick Street Centre
    Frederick Street
    AB24 5HY
    Phone: (01224) 814828
    Fax: (01224) 814566