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Pre School (Nursery), Primary and Secondary Education

Pre-School (Nursery) Education

scc_pre_school Local Authorities are required to provide pre-school education places for all children in the school term following their third birthdays.

Aberdeen City Council provides free pre-school education places at its Primary Schools and has entered into partnership with registered pre-school providers in the Independent, Private and Voluntary sectors to provide funded places at their centres.

Primary Education

The primary curriculum is based on a number of broad areas to ensure breadth, balance and continuity of experience. These areas are language, mathematics, environmental studies, expressive arts, personal and social education, and religious and moral education. A modern European Language is started in nearly all primary schools.

scc_primary_school Emphasis is placed on the process of learning, with a view to developing skills such as thinking, inquiring, discussing and problem solving. The Curriculum areas of Environmental Studies, Health, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have recently been reviewed.

Secondary Education

Secondary education is provided at twelve six-year comprehensive schools. Secondary Education Transfer from primary to secondary education takes place in August each year, normally between the ages of 11 to 12, after completing seven years of primary education (including any time spent in an infant school or in the infant department of a primary school).

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