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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child get music tuition?

You may register interest in tuition by contacting the school office who will put you in touch with the music instructor for the appropriate instrument. Your child will be placed on a waiting list to be offered tuition should the opportunity arise at your child's school.

The Music Service is heavily subsidised by Aberdeen City Council and this is reflected in the fees payable for instruction. Tuition is available on a group or individual basis with different levels of fees to reflect this. Fee remissions are available in certain circumstances.

How much are fees?

If you are not eligible for free instrumental lessons, the following fees are payable prior to the start of each term.

Individual Lessons

Group Lessons

Term 1 + 2

£80 per term

£64 per term

Term 3 + 4

£90 per term

£72 per term

Which instruments are on offer?

Aberdeen City Music Service has around fifty music instructors in a range of disciplines. Not all disciplines are available in all schools due to limited resources and tuition is subject to availability. Currently the following disciplines are on offer: violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, keyboard, percussion, drum kit, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, recorder, cornet, trumpet, French horn, euphonium, tuba, tenor horn, baritone horn, trombone, chanter, bagpipes, voice, saxophone, pennywhistle, accordion and fiddle.

Do I have to buy the musical instrument that my child wishes to play?

Generally, your child can get an instrument on loan. However, this is not possible for instruments such as piano.

Music Instructor absence

The Music Service agrees to provide a Music Instructor for a minimum 32 lessons over the academic year. Should we fall short of this then fees paid will be deferred to the following term. In most cases music instructors will be available to teach on more than 32 occasions.

Pupil absence

If the pupil does not attend the lesson (due to absence, exams, holidays, school trips, etc.) then the instructor may be able to reschedule the lesson. However, this cannot be guaranteed. For long term pupil absence (e.g. due to illness or injury) a deferment may be agreed at the discretion of the Head of Instrumental Music Service.

What is a deferment?

A deferment is given instead of a refund when the Instrumental Music Service has not provided the agreed minimum tuition already paid for. Tuition will be provided free of charge for an appropriate length of time.

How will refunds be dealt with?

In some cases a refund will be issued (e.g. when a pupil is leaving school and therefore cannot benefit from a deferment).

What happens if a pupil ceases lessons part-way through a term?

No refund will be made.

Adverse weather

If the Music Instructor is not available to teach in the school due to adverse weather conditions (e.g. snow) cancelled lessons will be taken into account for deferment purposes.

If tuition changes from individual to group or vice versa, how will that affect the charges?

The Music Instructor will inform the parent/guardian, explaining why the change is needed. Any change in charges will be implemented from the start of the next term.

What are the payment options?

Aberdeen City Music Service has now moved to an online payment system for instrumental lesson fees. Instead of receiving a paper invoice each term you will be asked to pay your fees by visiting Fees for this term are now due and should be paid before September 16th 2016. You may be asked to provide a Reference Code upon paying fees. This will be your child’s date of birth. Subsequent payments must be made prior to the start of each term and failure to pay fees in advance may result in lessons ceasing.

Is there a sibling discount available?

For families where several children are receiving music tuition, the first child is charged at the full rate and subsequent children receive a 50% discount on their first instrument only and are charged in full for any further instrument.

Am I eligible for free tuition for my child?

Parents/carers can claim free music tuition for their children if they are receiving:

- Income support

- Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

- Child Tax Credit where no award of Working Tax Credit has been made and income is less than £16,105

 - Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit that is based on an annual income of below £6420

Parents in receipt of a Clothing Grant are eligible for a 50% reduction in fees. If you are eligible for free lessons but have not yet sent us proof please post this to Music Service, Northfield Academy, Granitehill Place, Aberdeen AB16 7AU

Children who are studying for SQA qualifications in music are eligible for free lessons. School staff can confirm this with your child’s music instructor directly.

Are there any after school opportunities available?

The Music Service offers a wide range of out of school opportunities through the Music Centre programme. More details on this can be found on the Music Centre page or through your child’s instrumental instructor. This provision is free of charge for children receiving tuition from the Music Service.

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