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Gaelic Medium Primary Unit

The Gaelic Medium Primary Unit was established at Gilcomstoun Primary School in August 1991. Children within the Gaelic unit are fully integrated within the school and take part in various activities including assemblies, school trips, a visit to the local Mod in Inverness (where they have had a great deal of success over the past few years) and various Gaelic television productions. 

The Gaelic unit currently has two classes: primary 1, 2 ,3 and primary 4,5,6,7. In primary 1,2 Gaelic is introduced using the total immersion method, and due to this pupils can only start at the beginning of primary one. Pupils will greatly benefit from two years in the nursery. In primary 3 onwards English is introduced into the curriculum, and by primary 7 pupils should be at the same levels in all subjects as their non-Gaelic speaking counterparts but with the added benefit of being bi-lingual.

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