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Information for Children and Young People




What is an Educational Psychologist?

  • We visit all schools in Aberdeen;
  • We work with people who know you well; for example, teachers, parents, carers and children;
  • We try to find out how to make things better for children and young people in school.


How can an Educational Psychologist help?

We can help with:

  • How to get along with friends;
  • How to manage school work that's difficult;
  • Managing behaviour;
  • Finding ways to relax and worry less.


Do I have to meet an Educational Psychologist?

You do not have to meet with us, but we might be able to offer help, advice and support.


What will an Educational Psychologist do?

We might ask to meet with you to have a chat about school, visit your class or playground and do some tasks and activities to see what helps you learn. Alternatively, we might meet with adults who know you best to discuss how to make things better.


The Educational Psychology Service has produced two leaflets which explain our role and how we may be able to help. Please click on the links below to download a copy.


Childrens Information leaflet Older Childrens Information Leaflet

    Information for Younger Children                 Information for Children and Young People


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