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Information for Parents and Carers

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For general information on the role of the Educational Psychologist in Aberdeen City, please click on the link to download our current information leaflet. Information for Parents and Carers. We advise parents to contact the school in the first instance to discuss concerns about their child's learning or wellbeing.


Useful Links

  • Information regarding current legislation and relevant education resources and guidance can be found on the Inclusion page of Abernet.



  • Aberdeen City Council offers regular Additional Support Needs (ASN) Parents' Forums; dates and more information can be found by clicking on the link below.
          Additional Support Needs


  • School Term and Holiday dates can be found on the link below.

       Aberdeen City School Term and Holiday Dates 2015 2020


  • Information about making a School Placing Request is available on the Aberdeen City Council Placing Request page accessed below.

       School Placing Request


  • Enquire provides independent and confidential advice helping schools and families work together to ensure pupils get the right support.



  • Information regarding Aberdeen City's early learning and childcare provision can be found on the link below.

       Information on Nursery Places


  • The Family Information Service (FIS) provides free, comprehensive and up-to-date information and advice about all services for children, young people and their families in Aberdeen.

       Family Information Service


  • Partners in Aberdeen are working together through the new Aberdeen Guarantees commitment to providing learning, training and work for 14-25 year old. More information can be found below.

       Opportunities for All 



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