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Arts Education and a Curriculum for Excellence

A Curriculum for Excellence

'Relevant, inspiring, engaging education for every child and young person in Scotland'

Embedding creativity, the arts and culture within Curriculum for Excellence is core to the work of the Arts Education Team across all art forms and all curriculum areas. The design of projects and the opportunity to engage with artists and cultural professionals supports individual pupils in achieving the four capacities:

  • successful learners
  • confident individuals
  • responsible citizens
  • effective contributors

The flexibility of the arts as tools for learning and as subjects in their own right, makes them effective vehicles to realise the seven principles for curriculum design:

  • challenge and enjoyment
  • breadth 
  • progression
  • depth
  • personalisation and choice
  • coherence
  • relevance

By working in partnership with the Arts Education Team to design and deliver bespoke projects, schools can extend the opportunity for their pupils to develop and demonstrate their creativity, approach concepts and skills from different perspectives and make connections between different areas of learning. Working with artists and stimulated by different learning environments enables learning to be relevant, challenging and enjoyable with the opportunity to gain recognition for individual achievements.

Implementing the Curriculum for Excellence by linking with Arts Education:


  • pupils and teachers are involved in the design of bespoke projects to address improvement priorities


  • working in partnership allows schools to develop creative and enterprising projects without compromising their core purpose of learning and teaching
  • teachers and pupils develop confidence to work with a range of partners and creative adults to achieve the experiences and outcomes, capitalising on the cultural resources of the city
  • creative and inspiring ways to involve parents in their children's learning and make links between the school and its community

Skills and Expertise

  • the learning opportunities offered by externally funded Arts Education Team projects can be fully exploited without the confines of school/departmental budgets
  • the Arts Education Team are highly skilled in fundraising, project design and management and seek out high quality artists and companies to deliver activities
  • using the skills, experience and knowledge of the Arts Education Team adds value to the life of the school, using teaching spaces in new ways and accessing different learning environments, including outdoor learning


  • quality assurance - use the knowledge and experience of the team is used to broker the most appropriate, high quality creative opportunities to meet the needs of schools


  • support innovative sharing and learning through GLOW
  • share good practice in Aberdeen nationally
  • raise the status of creativity and the expressive arts
  • recognise the transferable skills for life and work that culture and the arts offer
  • celebrate achievements through the public sharing of work.

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