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Civil Defence - Incidents

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The most interesting record within the Aberdeen County Civil Defence records is the Incident Register. This provides a basic note of all the enemy action related events within the County boundaries with a note of damage and casualties.

The following extracts show some of the events that occurred in Aberdeen County.

Air Attack on Fraserburgh 5 November 1940

One of the areas in Aberdeen County that suffered most during World War 2 was the town of Fraserburgh, which had a total of 14 air raids in which 41 people were killed and 252 people injured.

One reason for this may have been the existence of the Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Company in the town which had some weapons contracts during the war that might have made the Fraserburgh factory a target for the Luftwaffe. This included one for making parts for the Bofors machine gun which was used in the Spitfire fighter plane.

Its proximity to and involvement with shipping round the Kinnaird Head also made it a secondary target for raiders in the area, and the entry below details the results of just such an attack that occurred as a result of a fire at Benzie & Miller's Shop. More details about this can be found in the School Life section of the exhibition here.

Air Attack on Fraserburgh 5 November 1940 Benzies
Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives


Bombs: High Explosive – 7

Where Dropped: Castleton of Asloun (1HE); Caiesmill, Dyce (1HE); Kinmundy Estate, Stuartfield (1HE); Brae of Coynach, Stuartfield (1HE); Parkseat, Whitecairns (1HE); Watermill, Fraserburgh (1HE); Commercial Bar, Fraserburgh (1HE)

Fraserburgh Public House demolished, 4 houses & 4 shops destroyed; 2 other shops and 1 house badly damaged. Foodstuffs destroyed. Slight damage to other buildings.

Stuartfield Windows broken and trees knocked down.

Whitecairns Superficial damage to farm buildings.

??? Hill [SCORED OUT – slight damage to farmhouse and buildings]

Dyce Slight damage to farm & houses

Sandhaven: Windows broken


County Incident Register entry for the 5th November 1940 showing casualties

County Incident Register showing casualties
Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives



Deaths [SCORED OUT – 26] 19 Male, 3 Female, 1 Child

Injured [SCORED OUT – 17] 12 Male, 2 Female, 0 Children

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