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Image: Cornelius Coward's biplane on Aberdeen beach, c. 1900.  Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives.

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Some of our records have been digitised and are available online.

You can view burials records for Aberdeen City at Deceased Online  This online pay per view service is free to search but there is a charge to view the documents.  There is no charge to use the database at either of our search rooms.

During 2008 to 2009, we ran Document of the Month showcasing documents from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives. 

In 2010 we curated The Homefront in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire online exhibition which displays digitised documents related to the local impact of WW2.

You can view the first eight surviving volumes of the Aberdeen Burgh Registers on Scotland's Places. The years 1529 to 1531 are searchable at the Burgh Records Project database 

Transcriptions of Aberdeenshire Assessed Taxes and Aberdeen County Militia Records are available in pdf format.

Other transcriptions include the Aberdeen General Band of Relief, 1639, and the Loyal Volunteers of Macduff

You can look through our History Pin tour and take a virtual journey around Union Street shops and beyond...

Guides to our records

Our Catalogues page has guides and indexes to several major collections, as well as links to transcriptions.

Our Family History guide has links to information on how you can use our records to find out more about your ancestors.

You can download or view our Information Leaflets

Looking for our maps?  School locations are on our School Records page, and you can find our map of WW2 air raids on our  World War Two Incidents page.  Our  Burial Records page shows the burial grounds for which we hold records.

Our online indexes include the Indexes to the Aberdeen Burgh Registers of Apprentices, the Gordon Highlanders' WWI Prisoner of War Bureau Indexes and the indexes to our Baptism Registers for St Nicholas, 1838-1848 and 1849-1850.

There are guides outlining our collections of Aberdeen City Records and Aberdeenshire and Moray Records


Image: Extract from Stonehaven Town Council Minutes, 6th November 1956.  Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives

Information and resources based on our records

Hard Vrocht Grun resource

Paper Treasures

Witches and Witchcraft in Aberdeen


Links and resources


Aberdeen City Council Registrar's Genealogy and Family Research page

Aberdeenshire Registrars family history page

Local Studies

Aberdeen City Libraries' Local Studies'  Family History page

Aberdeenshire Local Studies 

Council Minutes

Minutes of the Council and Committees are available on the Aberdeen City Council Council and Government pages, along with other information related to governance and democracy.

Aberdeenshire's Council and Democracy page provides similar information for Aberdeenshire Council.

Related Links

Our page of links that you may find useful is here:  Related Links.

Searching our catalogue

Link to our  Online Catalogue

If you haven't used our catalogue for a while, you may find it useful to read through the brief paragraphs on the 'Home' tab before you start.  The 'Help' tab above the search box has tips for using the catalogue.

What to expect

The entries in our catalogue describe the records we hold, much like a library catalogue.  Catalogue pages don't link to the documents themselves, but give you a reference and other information which may be enough for you to be able to tell whether the document is what you're looking for.  If not, or you're not sure, please get in touch and ask.

Unlike a library catalogue, there are also entries for the collection and series (which may also be referred to as the fonds and sub-fonds) the records belong in, as well as the entry for the record itself. This technical arrangement helps show where each unique document belongs in the overall collection and can be confusing at first, but if you spend much time searching archival collections it can be a useful tool.

Our online catalogue doesn't tell you which office holds individual records, but if you find something you'd like to view or have us research or copy for you, please just ask!  Contact us

Not everything that we hold is catalogued, and sometimes collections that you might expect to be here are held by other repositories.  We're happy to answer questions about our holdings, or check to see if other archives or libraries have what you need; so if you can't find what you're looking for and think it may be in a local archive, please get in touch.

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Image: 1949 painting by H. N. Mason for Aberdeen Corporation, envisioning the future Beach Boulevard and surrounding area.

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