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Sites and Monuments Record at Aberdeen City Council


Welcome to Aberdeen City Council's On-Line Sites and Monuments Record (SMR). There are approximately 3000 records on the SMR, which is in the process of going on line, starting with the first 700 records by the end of August 2007.

Known archaeological and historic sites in Aberdeen range in date from around 8000 BC to the 1960s AD, from the earliest human use of our landscape to the more recent industrial past.

It is important to note that the on-line SMR is not a suitable resource for planning, development control, utility or agri-environment purposes. Please read our Conditions of Use below before searching the database.

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The Aberdeen’s Past On-Line Project is funded by Energising Aberdeen and Historic Scotland.

Search Entries


The On-Line Sites and Monuments Record allows you to search for entries using a range of different criteria.

You can search the on-line record by clicking on the 'Search entries' link in the right-hand panel.

An explanation of the terminology is available by clicking the 'Help about searching the SMR' link, also in the right-hand panel.

SMR Conditions of Use




Copyright is reserved on the information held in Aberdeen City Council Sites and Monuments Record. The information may be used for personal research, but must not be used in any other way without consent in advance from Aberdeenshire Archaeology. To seek permission to use SMR-derived data for publication in any form, or for commercial use, please write to the following address:


Aberdeenshire Council Archaeology Service
Planning & Building Standards
Woodhill House
Westburn Road
AB16 5GB


Validity of Data

The information in the SMR is derived from a variety of sources and is believed to be correct. However the SMR is subject to update as knowledge and interpretation develops, additional research is done and new features and sites are discovered: so the validity of the data contained within it cannot be guaranteed.

Access to Sites

Most sites included on the SMR are not open to the public. Many are on private land and permission to visit must always be sought from the landowner or tenant.


Legal and other Protection of Sites

Many of the sites and buildings included in the SMR are protected by law and it is a criminal offence to damage them. It is also an offence to use a metal detector on a Scheduled Ancient Monument or on land in the ownership of Aberdeen City Council.


Development Control, Planning and Agricultural Schemes

The on-line SMR is not intended as a tool for planning, development control, public utility or agri-environment purposes. All enquiries related to such schemes should be directed to Aberdeenshire Archaeology at the address above.