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Nominating Commemorative Plaques

Guidelines for the Nomination for Commemorative Plaques

That the nominated person is worthy of commemoration, that they are of national or international standing or of such outstanding local importance as to deserve a plaque. They should be regarded either within their profession as eminent or be recognisable to the well-informed passer by.

That the nomination is vetted by both the Assistant Keeper (Research) and subject to final approval by the appropriate council committee.

That the person or group who have made the nomination make available finance necessary to see the plaque created, shipped and installed (approximately 350). A letter of financial commitment will be required. Finance must be raised independently: unfortunately Aberdeen City Council officers will not be able to become involved in the fund raising process.

That the person in question is dead and where appropriate any living relative has granted their consent to the erection of the plaque.

That an appropriate location for the plaque has been found. Appropriate means that either the person lived within the building upon which the plaque will be fixed or they worked there for a significant period and that the location of the plaque is such that members of the public will normally be able to view it from a public road or street without needing to enter upon private property. It will be necessary to have permission from those either resident within that building or those who work there. Consent will also be required from those who own the building.

That the plaque will conform to the normal dimensions of other commemorative plaques within Aberdeen City. That is to say that they are cast aluminium, round, 20 inches in diameter and with white raised lettering on a fawn background.

That no notice of sponsorship will occur on the plaque. However notice of sponsorship will occur on the plaques information on the City Council's Corporate Website and in any forthcoming versions of the plaque leaflet. Aberdeen City Council will retain ownership of the plaque.

That the wording on the plaque should be in normal English, with exceptions where a piece of fiction or such like is being indicated.

How To Nominate for a Commemorative Plaque?

  1. Write to the Lead Curator (History) supplying the following information:
    • the name of the nominee
    • historical information which demonstrates the importance of the person being nominated (with sources)
    • a proposed location for the plaque with evidence that the owners and those residing or working within that building approve of the proposed mounting of the plaque
    • evidence that any living relatives of the nominee approve of the nomination and a written offer of sponsorship for the full costs of the plaque.
  2. If the Assistant Keeper (Research) is satisfied that the conditions are being met then the exact wording will be discussed and the Assistant Keeper (Research) will order a design and cost estimate for the plaque from the manufacturer.
  3. The Assistant Keeper (Research) will then examine the building for a suitable location. If the building is listed or a Scheduled Ancient Monument other approval will be needed.
  4. Once all consents and approvals have been received Aberdeen City Council Education and Leisure Committee will review and vet the application by way of a report to committee written by the Assistant Keeper (Research) for final approval.
  5. If the committee approves then the Assistant Keeper (Research) will order the manufacturer to create and ship the plaque and then instruct the council's Contract Services Department to install the plaque.
  6. The City Council will issue a press release regarding the erection of the new plaque.