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Single Person Discount or Single Person with Disregards Discount

Some people are 'disregarded for the purposes of discount' in the Council Tax charge calculation. Where someone is disregarded, the charge for that dwelling will be the same as if that person was not resident. Where there are three or more residents and only one of them is disregarded, there will be no discount on the amount payable because there are still two adults at the property who are counted. If all residents but one are disregarded, the liable resident qualifies for Single Person Discount.

  • Single Person Discount or Single Person with Disregards Discount: This 25% discount can be awarded to a liable person who is the sole resident over the age of 18 years in the property or if all other adults in the property are disregarded for the purposes of discount.

Evidence requirements: We may contact you to provide evidence for the disregarded residents. Passports need to be provided as evidence for non British student's spouses and dependants.

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