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Full-time Care workers

A full-time care worker must satisfy the following conditions to qualify for this disregard category:

  • must provide care and/or support for an average of at least 35 hours per week.
  • must be resident in the same dwelling as the person receiving care.
  • must not be the spouse, or partner, of the patient. A parent cannot be treated as care worker if the patient is their child (under the age of 16).
  • The cared for person must be in receipt of either of these State Benefits:
  • Higher Rate Attendance Allowance
  • An increase in the rate of Disablement Pension
  • The highest rate of the care component of a Disability Living Allowance
  • An increase in a Constant Care Attendance Allowance

Evidence requirements: Evidence of the patient's State Benefits must be provided along with the application form.

How to apply

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