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Disability Banding Relief (DBR)

Dwellings which have had modifications made to them in order to accommodate a disabled person(s) may qualify for a reduction in their Council Tax charge. Band A properties can also be awarded a relief. The disabled person must be "substantially and permanently disabled (whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise)."

To qualify for a reduction, the dwelling must be the disabled person's sole or main residence, and must contain one or more of certain facilities which are regarded as essential for the disabled person.
The features which should be present are: 

  • a room, other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory which is used predominantly by the disabled person, e.g. a treatment room for dialysis; or
  • a second bathroom or kitchen which is not the only kitchen or bathroom in the dwelling, e.g. one which has been adapted with rails, lower units, etc.; or
  • sufficient floor space and widening of doors to allow easy access with a wheelchair.

Evidence requirements: We may contact you to provide evidence in support of your claim or with a view to arranging a visit to your property.

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