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Housing Benefit

To qualify for Housing Benefit, you must be :

  • On a low income, whether benefits or low paid work
  •  You (and your partner) don't have more than 16,000 capital or savings, unless you are getting Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)

Housing Benefit is a  'means tested' Benefit - different awards will be granted depending on your personal circumstances.

We will need to see evidence of all of your income and savings in order to complete the calculation. Other adults resident in the property are expected to contribute towards the Rent, therefore your Benefit may be reduced in order to accommodate this.

Home visits can be arranged for the elderly or disabled

Following the introduction of the Pension Credit on 6th October 2003, the benefit schemes are more generous for people of pensionable age. This means that more people may be eligible for Housing Benefit. If you are of pensionable age and are not in receipt of Housing benefit, now may be the time to apply.

For further information, see the Related Links section below.

Benefits Calculator

The Turn to Us Website offers help for you if you are unemployed and looking for work, on a low income, retired, bringing up children, ill, have a disability or care for someone. They have a Benefits Calculator to work out how much you could claim.

How to apply for Housing Benefit

Download copies of the relevant form/s from the links below:

Claim form for Housing Benefit and/or application for Council Tax Reduction

Change of Circumstances Form for Housing Benefit and /or Council Tax Reduction

Or report your change of circumstances online :

Change of Circumstances Form for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

Housing Benefit Backdating

It may be possible to backdate your claim for Housing Benefit and pay it from an earlier date if you have a good reason for not claiming on time. Please see the Council Tax Reduction and/or Housing Benefit Backdating page for more information

Housing Benefit Overpayments

You can pay back Housing Benefit Overpayments using our Housing Benefit Overpayments secure payments facility.

Information we require you to provide

If you are the claimant and payments are being made direct to you:

  1. Your Housing Benefit Reference number
  2. Your Creditor reference (this can be found on the cheque under reference number)
  3. Your National Insurance number (this is for verification only)
  4. Your bank sort code and account number

Please note that if you hold a Post Office Card Account into which your State Benefits are paid, these accounts do not accept BACS payments of Housing Benefit so details of an alternative bank/building society account should be provided.

If you do not have a bank/building society account, please contact the above telephone number or any of the offices below.

If you are the landlord and receiving direct payments of Housing Benefit:

  1. Your Creditor reference number (this can be found on the cheque under reference number or on the landlord payment schedule)
  2. Your tenants Housing Benefit Reference number (this can be found on the landlord payment schedule)
  3. Your bank sort code and account number

Local Housing Allowance

Size Criteria - Social Sector

The Benefit Cap


Discretionary Housing Payments


How we use your information

The information provided to, and collected by, the Council for the administration of Housing Benefit may be used for the delivery of Council Services, where to do so is considered to be likely to enhance the efficiency and/or effectiveness with which services and delivered.

The Council may check information that you provide, or that another organisation provides about you, with other information it holds. It may also get information about you from other organisations, or give information to them to check that the information is accurate , to prevent or detect crime, or to protect public funds in government departments, local authorities or private companies.

Council Offices

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