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Shaping Aberdeen

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What is Shaping Aberdeen?

Shaping Aberdeen is for you, the citizens of Aberdeen.

Shaping Aberdeen is a long term plan of how we can make this economically buoyant city one we are proud to call home. Developed as a result of the Strategic Infrastructure Plan, Shaping Aberdeen will build upon already established strong foundations, demonstrating the city's strengths and ongoing improvement, with residents in mind.

Shaping Aberdeen has five main objectives, all driving towards a successful city.

1. Housing

      Delivering affordable housing
  • Remove the remaining barriers to bring forward developable land
  • Deliver more affordable homes both for rent and sale
  • Enable the private sector to deliver


 2. Digital

       Connecting Aberdeen
  • Increase the speed of the internet connectivity
  • Increase coverage
  • Reduce costs to allow wider participation

3. Transport

      Moving Aberdeen forward
  • Improve access to the airport
  • Reduce congestion and journey times
  • Improve cross-city connections

4. Skills & Labour

     Developing our future
  • Attract and retain a workforce that meets Aberdeen's needs
  • Equip the local workforce with the skills required for the local economy
  • Make Aberdeen a more desirable location to live and visit


5. Image & Regeneration

     Investing in Aberdeen; transforming communities
  • Boost the external appeal of the city as a place to live, visit and invest
  • Encourage pride in calling Aberdeen home
  • Celebrate and showcase existing strengths

Although these five objectives are the main focus for Shaping Aberdeen, projects are not restricted to these. We are working in partnership with private sector businesses, utility companies and national agencies to invest in the city's infrastructure and reignite the city's heart.

Shaping Aberdeen will be part of several development sites and projects across the city as we aim to put this global city on a world stage. It is both ambitious and bold but with strategic planning and prioritising investment and resources efficiently and effectively it will be achievable.

For further information please see the full Strategic Infrastructure Plan or if you have an queries please email Shaping Aberdeen Banner