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Delivering affordable housing

The availability of housing, including the cost, in both the rental and buying markets, is a fundamental problem and is recognised as one of the key priorities of Shaping Aberdeen.

Shaping Aberdeen will support and under pin these priorities by delivering the following numbers of affordable housing units by 2017:

  • A revised Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP), featuring 554 units
  • A partnership approach with private developers to deliver a further 500 units
  • A new, Council led development pipeline, which will deliver an additional 1026 units.


In addition to providing more housing it is also fundamental that we invest and continuously improve our existing stock, in turn improving quality of life and access to opportunities across the city.

For individual projects please see further information below;

Affordable Housing Project

In order to develop sites in Aberdeen for affordable housing the Council will be seeking planning permission. Prior to applications being submitted we consulted local communities where developments are proposed to help shape our ideas.  Please click on the links below to view the details on the progress on sites with information on any upcoming consultation events and site information.

Former consultations & further information;

On 8th October 2015, the council selected housing developer Places for People Group Limited as preferred bidder to deliver a step change in the supply of affordable housing. The partnership deal was signed on 22 March 2016 and will see the formation of a limited liability company which is a Scottish first. The deal follows a commitment in the local authority's Strategic Infrastructure Plan (SIP) to build 2,030 homes by 2017. The partnership company will build, own and manage housing for rent targeted at a range of needs, which include key workers on modest incomes.

For more information visit;  1,000 new affordable houses to be built in Aberdeen

Existing Housing Stock Improvements

Improvements are continuously being made to our existing housing stock.

Structural repairs, such as window replacement and over cladding, are to be made to Linksfield Court, Promenade Court, Regent Court, Aulton Court, Beachview Court, Bayview court and Northsea Court.

Similar work but with the inclusion of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is ongoing at Cornhill Court, Rosehill Court and Stockethill Court, with an estimated cost of 9.6 million.  In addition, the installation of a new CHP Energy Centre and network to supply all seven multi-story blocks in Tillydrone is now underway. The installation of Combined Heat & Power is now completed at Cairncry Court.

Please click here for information on Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


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