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The content of the panels

3.1 Have you really listened to anyone in earlier consultation stages?

Yes many of the themes, ideas, and potential projects have come from suggestions from those who have participated in earlier events that took place in September and November 2014.

3.2 Is it the same
Masterplan vision and objectives as in the November stage?

Yes, basically this is the same that was discussed at the last phase, with some refinements to incorporate people's views

3.3 Are you still pushing corporate commercial retail, office and hotel property over people?

The city needs a mix of retail, office and hotel use in the city centre as well as space for people. Our vision is to bring back more jobs into the city centre which will help ensure the future of streets like Union Street.

3.4 Do we get a square in Broad Street?

We propose pedestrian improvements on Broad Street through the Masterplan. This will remove private cars from Broad Street but allow bus and taxis only. This space could be shut off for civic events. This is because we need to keep an important access route for public transport open which in turn will help make for an improved city centre experience.

3.5 Can you improve the bus station?

The Council, unlike in some other cities across the country, do not have responsibility for the bus station as it is managed by Stagecoach on a leased basis from the owners of Union Square, Hammerson. The centre was established over 5 years ago when the whole area was redeveloped connecting the bus and railway stations into a new shopping and leisure complex. The consultancy team are in talks with Hammerson to discuss their potential development opportunities and the future of the bus station is something that will be raised during those discussions.