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Powering Aberdeen

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As a member of the Covenant of Mayors Aberdeen is committed to reducing emissions and finding alternative sources of energy across the city through the development of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

The plan starts by establishing what current city wide emissions are and then involves working with stakeholders to identify projects that can be implemented to help reduce such emissions and provide other options for energy generation. It covers many topics from transport to demand management, concentrating on all operations within the city and not just those from Council activity.

Powering Aberdeen: In the making

Aberdeen City Council has now developed their own SEAP, Powering Aberdeen: Aberdeen's Sustainable Energy Action Plan the final version was approved at Full Council on the 6th October 2016. 


The plan has been developed over a two year period, below are links to documents that detail how Powering Aberdeen has been made possible.

A SEAP Programme Manager has been appointed to oversee Powering Aberdeen's progress over the next three years. They will be assisted by an Emissions Accountant who will be responsible for supporting development of ACC's own contributions to this collaborative programme of work.

Powering Aberdeen is not a static programme; it will change as actions are implemented. Therefore ongoing monitoring and review of performance against the targets will be necessary to inform future direction. This will be reported through the programme's governance structure.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Powering Aberdeen has been the subject of a full Strategic Environmental Assessment; with the scoping report determining a full environmental report is required. This is now available for public consultation until 29th June 2016.

Please see below a copy of the screening and scoping report, as well as stakeholder feedback:


For further information on Powering Aberdeen please visit: Sustainable Energy Action Plan - Background Information or if you have a query please contact Terri Vogt, SEAP Programme Manager on  

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