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Adaptation Plan

Taking early action to increase resilience and adapt to climate change can generate longer-term savings, maximise opportunities for growth and make better use of resources.

As a public body the Council works to meet requirements for adaptation under climate change legislation.

Climate change adaptation is about responding to current and future extreme weather events. Warmer and wetter winters, hotter and drier summers and sea level rise are already occurring for the region and are projected to increase further in the future. As a result we are developing an approach to adaptation including:

  • Building understanding of current and future climate risks for the Council.
  • Working with a range of stakeholders to build resilience to a changing climate.

In addition, the Council is participating and sharing information on adaptation planning, as a member of the Adaptation Scotland - Adaptation Learning Exchange.

Aberdeen Adapts

A new project is working to support Aberdeen to become a city resilient to the impacts of current and future climate change.

The Aberdeen Adapts initiative was developed by Aberdeen City Council and the University of Aberdeen. It has been selected, following a competitive application process, to receive support over 2016/17 from the Scottish Government funded  Adaptation Scotland programme. This support will provide expertise and funding for project workshops and engagement across the city.

The Aberdeen Adapts project will bring together a range of organisations and businesses to identify the specific challenges for the area and the new opportunities that come from a changing climate. The aim is to create a positive and ambitious strategic approach, setting the foundations for long term local partnership working on climate change.


Project progress

Background work to inform the project took place over summer 2016. This was carried out by a student from the MSc course in Environmental Partnership Management, at the University of Aberdeen. This work involved questionnaires with local stakeholders.

Around 55 people from 28 local businesses and organisations attended a launch workshop for the project on 21 November at Aberdeen Town House. Presentations from the event can be viewed here:


Developing the project, 3 sector workshops were held in January 2017 covering themes of:

  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Natural Environment
  • Society and economy

The workshops looked at the importance of climate adaptation and explored opportunities for increasing climate resilience to the each theme.

A further stakeholder workshop for Aberdeen Adapts is set to take place on 19 June 2017.

Read the latest newsletter: 

Further information

Find out more about Aberdeen Adapts on the Adaptation Scotland website.

For further information - or if you would like to become involved in the project contact Alison Leslie, email:


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