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Powering Aberdeen - Background Information

Background information

SEAP December Workshop

Work was undertaken initially with the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Practice (CUSP) to establish our current emission levels, known as a Baseline Energy and Emissions Inventory. This was finalised and validated by a consultancy, Aether. The information from this process was used in modelling different scenarios such as rising population or a recession for example, and the impact this had on Aberdeen and subsequently its emission levels. Such modelling has enabled targets to be identified for reducing emissions.

The Strategies Towards Energy Performance and Urban Planning (STEP-UP) programme have provided coaching support to assist Powering Aberdeen's development, sharing best practice and knowledge from other cities. Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) has also worked hard to engage stakeholders to establish collaborative projects and actions that can assist in achieving these targets. Workshops have taken place to identify potential and current actions.

  • Workshop 1 and 2 were undertaken by Nicki Souter Associates (NSA)
  • Workshop 1 was run in order to identify and prioritise the key stakeholders who should be supporting the development of Powering Aberdeen.
  • Workshop 2 was undertaken to establish the values, opinions and drivers for all involved stakeholders.
  • Workshop 3, hosted by Aether and Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB), explored various scenarios and growth projections for Aberdeen, covering transport, energy in buildings, energy generation and strategic overviews.

For more information on the various workshops please click on the link below;


The outcomes of Workshop 3 have been compiled to produce a Aberdeen City Emissions Scenarios Report and accompanying list of measures that could be taken forward to achieve the identified targets. The report, energy maps, emissions inventories and list of local measures are illustrated within the links below. As yet the targets identified have yet to be formalised. When a governance structure for Powering Aberdeen has been approved, a decision on what targets Powering Aberdeen will align to will be made.

A survey of stakeholders established Powering Aberdeen's title. Presently, Powering Aberdeen is still being formalised with quantification of local measures and approval through committee cycles being required before it can be ratified by all stakeholders and subsequently by the Covenant of Mayors.

For more information on Powering Aberdeen please contact Terri Vogt, SEAP Programme Manager, on  

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