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Other aspects

4.1 Details will be on the Council website? How do we give feedback?

The exhibition panels, handout and questionnaire are on the website along with a map showing the intervention areas proposed. Information on all of the consultation dates is also on the website - City Centre Masterplan

The all City Talks are now available to view online - City Talk Overview

4.2 What is now happening at Marischal Square and Broad Street? Why has the MUSE planning application gone ahead – is that not a part of the city centre?

The Masterplan and Delivery Programme has to take in to account a number of already committed schemes and projects.(The redevelopment of St Nicholas House was part of a previous planning and consultation cycle). That is the nature of a dynamic city centre. One of the challenges for the team is to determine how best to knit all the projects together with other development opportunities, public realm and the existing historic fabric of the city centre. For further information on the Marischal Square decision please visit: Marischal Square Development: Your questions answered


4.3 How does this link to the Aberdeen Harbour Nigg Bay proposals?

Aberdeen Harbour Board has been consulting on the proposals for a new harbour at Nigg Bay. This is included in the National Planning Framework and highlighted in the Council's Proposed Local Development Plan. What this means for the existing harbour will be determined through collaborative working with the Harbour Board and BDP.

4.4 What a waste of time this all is. Who is it really for?

This Masterplan will help to ensure that there is a clear and consistent structure for all future development in Aberdeen City Centre. One of the main goals is to address the risks of disjointed development and ensure that we create a city centre that we can all use and be proud of.

This primarily for you the citizens of Aberdeen, it is also for the wider public, the Council, the city's partners and stakeholders. It is also for investors/developers/retailers to guide them as to what is acceptable and fit for purpose for the next generation of Aberdonians. It is also to ensure a better experience for visitors and residents.

4.5 This is absolutely great for the city. How can I /my group get involved in supporting it, providing advice, energy and helping make projects happen (e.g. in cycling, public transport, culture and the arts, new business space)?

In the first instance please do encourage as many people as possible to respond to the proposals either by filling out the online survey or by visiting one of the many events round the city. We will be reflecting on how best to continue the dialogue that has been opened up about the future of our city centre following approval of the final plan in May.