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Marischal Square Development: Your questions answered

A wide range of questions have been asked about the decision making process for the Marischal Square development. Listed below – before the questions are answered - are a selection of the key council decisions available on our website which preceded the council decision on the planning application of 8th October 2014.

Key Council Decisions

Council Planning Permission

Property Sale/ Land Disposal

Hotel Agreement

Your Questions Answered

  1. Consultation
  2. Provost Skene’s House
  3. Buildings Design
  4. Pedestrianisation
  5. Financial and legal aspects of the contract
  6. Liability for Unlet Units
  7. £100m Cancellation Fee for the ACC/Muse contract
  8. Calculation of the £100m Profit
  9. Demolition of St Nicholas House and remainder of the site
  10. Current Ownership of the Site
  11. Public Risk for Private Development
  12. Conditional Planning Approval
  13. Conservation and Historic Scotland
  14. Impact of Modification Law
  15. State Aid