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Buildings Design

3.1 Why did you approve plans for buildings over 3 stories in height?

Local development plans and public views from the pre-application consultation were consistent regarding the mass and scale of any development opposite Marischal College, on Broad Street:

The development should:

  1. Be sympathetically designed. Planning regulations require space around buildings while protecting surrounding buildings    (Marischal College, Provost Skene's House and Upperkirkgate buildings)
  2. Be no more than 3 storeys high on Upperkirkgate and being frontline on Broad Street
  3. Incorporate a civic square

The process and rationale for approving the Marischal Square development is set out in the report considered by the Council on 8 October 2014.

Some people were concerned about building heights. In response, Muse were able to reduce the building heights across the development to a maximum of 6-7 stories. The highest buildings will be located at the Union Street end of the site where previously there was a 13 story building.

3.2 Why was there not a design competition?

The site was taken to the market in line with Council instructions

3.2.1 Why did you select Muse Developments?

Muse developments were selected following an open marketing exercise for the site. Muse Developments were the highest scoring bid using the assessment criteria.

3.2.2 Why did you select Halliday Fraser Munro?

Halliday Fraser Munro are part of the Muse project team and as such their appointment is a matter for Muse. Visit the project website for further information.

3.3 Why is the civic space only 14,500 sq ft?

Throughout the consultation process people commented that both Marischal College and Provost Skene's House are much loved buildings that should be celebrated and safeguarded for future generations. The final application submitted altered the positions of the buildings to ensure that new views of Provost Skene's House could be seen where previously it was hidden by St Nicholas House. The size of the open space in front of Provost Skene's House was also increased by reducing the size of the office building next to it.