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State Aid

Please explain the procedures that have been employed to ensure the Project does not breach state aid rules.

"State aid can occur whenever state resources are used to provide assistance that gives organisations an advantage over others."[1]

The Council has received legal advice throughout the project and undertook an extensive marketing competitive prior to entering into any contracts. This competitive exercise was open to any organisation or group of organisations. The Council selected Muse as its contractor as a result of that process and so did not unfairly award or confer a direct economic benefit on Muse. There was no intervention through Council resources; the project is a commercial transaction on commercial terms. It does not provide Muse with an advantage on a selective basis; rather Muse was selected following a competitive process. Competition will not be distorted as a result of the Project and it will not affect trade between EU Member States. As such, the Council is satisfied that the project does not amount to state aid.


[1] State Aid: The Basics, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, November 2013.