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Current Ownership of the Site

A Registers of Scotland title search dated 9 February 2015 shows ACC as the proprietor of the land, despite Willie Young's public statement that the land has already been transferred to Muse.

10.1 Who currently owns the Marischal Square site? Why did Willie Young state it was/was not the property of ACC?

The site is owned by Aviva Investors Realm Commercial Assets LP. It was sold to them on 30 December 2014. It is not uncommon for it to take a period of months for submitted titles to show up on the Land Register. Please contact Registers of Scotland for more information.

10.2 Did planners mislead the councillor as to the ownership of the land? Do you consider it acceptable that the councillor appears to have erred twice?

The Council offered information that we believe to be correct. It should be noted however that in planning terms ownership of the land is not a material consideration.