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2.1 Will the masterplan be in place for 25 years or will it be updated every 5 years like the LDP?

The idea is that the masterplan will provide a long term vision linked to a delivery programme. This will be continually monitored with updates as necessary and will then enable the review and updating of the Masterplan itself. The Masterplan will form Supplementary Guidance (SG) to the LDP.

2.2 What about the delivery programme? What is it and how realistic can it be?

The team have been working on delivery aspects as part of the formulation of the plan. This includes design, funding, economic and business cases and mechanisms to deliver, such as Business Improvement District and other vehicles. The aim is to make it as realistic and deliverable as possible

2.3 How would the delivery programme be funded?

BDP team are advising the Council on a range of funding mechanisms as part of their contract to prepare a Masterplan and Delivery Programme. The specific funding measures will depend on the nature and scale of the projects identified in the programme.

2.4 How can a plan be made over an area with so many different ownerships?

The Council has the responsibility to lead the guidance and 'placemaking' of the areas for which it has responsibility. It is doing this in collaboration with the community, local and national agencies, landowners, businesses and other investors in our city. The consultancy team have been engaging with many different landowners throughout the duration of this project.

2.5 Can having a plan make neglectful/absent landlords take action?

Having a strong, clear and agreed plan that represents a shared vision helps negotiate and promote projects, and resist unsuitable ones, for instance at planning appeal. There may be some instances where the Council can enforce building or site maintenance.

2.6 What difference will this consultation make? Do public ideas count as much as stakeholder/the market/Council ideas?

The input of diverse ideas from people who live and work in Aberdeen has been crucial to aiding the thinking about possibilities for the future, as well as drawing on their experiences of other places. These many ideas have fed into the plan-making process, building on the support for the strategic direction in the draft proposals shown in November 2014.

2.7 What does the rest of the process look like after this masterplan?

It is intended that the final masterplan proposals will be presented for approval to full council in May 2015.After this the Council will use the delivery programme as a means of implementing the masterplan. There may need to be further, more detailed, planning work (i.e. planning briefs) done before any planning applications are submitted.