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City Centre Masterplan: Your questions answered

What is a masterplan?Heart of the City

A masterplan is a long term planning document that, whilst it will change over time, is intended to set out a clear vision for a particular area. It should reflect local and civic aspirations and plans, and include a delivery plan.

Why have a masterplan for the city centre?

We already have other policy guidance for the whole city but it helps to have specific place-based initiatives and a framework for how the different pieces might fit together. This Masterplan will help to ensure that there is a clear and consistent structure for all future development in Aberdeen city centre.

How do previous plans feed into or influence the Masterplan?

The Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan sets out the growth aspirations for the region, and the Local Development Plan (LDP) describes how and where that might be delivered on the ground. There is also a Strategic Infrastructure Plan. The Masterplan aligns with all three: it aims to create prosperity; enshrines good planning practice; and will help deliver the necessary infrastructure.

Will the Masterplan be in place for 25 years or will it be updated?

The Masterplan provides a long term vision linked to a delivery programme. This will be continually monitored to enable the review and updating of the Masterplan itself. The Masterplan will form Supplementary Guidance to the LDP. Individual projects will be subject to planning scrutiny as they come forward.

Do I still have a say on the Masterplan?

Many of the themes, ideas, and potential projects came from suggestions from those who have participated in the Masterplan consultation. In bringing forward and refining projects, the views of the community will be sought where appropriate. Engagement with the public and key stakeholders is critical to its ongoing success.

How realistic is the delivery programme?

The Masterplan includes design, funding, economic and business cases and mechanisms to deliver, such as Business Improvement District and other vehicles. It has the right balance of ambition and deliverability.

How can a plan be made over an area with so many different ownerships?

The Council has the responsibility to lead the guidance and 'placemaking' of the areas for which it has responsibility. It is doing this in collaboration with the community, local and national agencies, landowners, businesses and other investors in our city.

Can having a masterplan make neglectful/absent landlords take action?

Having a strong, clear and agreed plan that represents a shared vision helps negotiate and promote projects, and resist unsuitable ones, for instance at planning appeal. There may be some instances where the Council can enforce building or site maintenance, but this is usually around safety.




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