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Thank you to all who have commented on the City Centre Masterplan. All comments raised were taken into consideration and influenced the publication of the proposals by independent consultants BDP. 

The proposals were unanimously approved by Aberdeen City councillors on June 24th 2015.


 You can still view the exhibition & consultation brochure by clicking on the links below;


Please click on the  City Centre Masterplan Map to see more details about each area.


Proposals will deliver jobs, investment and boost quality of life in the Granite City

Comments from you, the people of Aberdeen, have already shaped the evolving masterplan to improve the heart of the Granite City.

Key themes for the development of the city centre's long-term future have emerged following consultation with the people who live and work in the city, as well as a range of business and community stakeholders. The transformation of our city centre will breathe new life into Aberdeen, which remains one of the UK's key business and cultural destinations.

The proposals which could help deliver an additional 5,000 jobs and add 280 million to the city's gross annual income include:

  • Queens Square: The transformation of the Queen Street area into a new mixed-use urban quarter;
  • Castlegate/ Castlehill: A vibrant public square will reinvigorate Castlegate/Castlehill;
  • Denburn Valley: The reawakening of the Denburn Valley as the setting for a new generation of city living;
  • Heart of the City: Union Street gets the space it deserves through pedestrianisation of part of Aberdeen's historic main street;
  • Union Street West: A contemporary business/retail/ leisure feel to the west end of Union Street and the renovation of Golden Square and Bon Accord Square as accessible green spaces;
  • Station Gateway: A much enhanced gateway and better pedestrian routes to and from the railway station to radically improve first impressions of Aberdeen; 
  • Torry Waterfront: A new pedestrian bridge across the Dee to link to a new residential community at Torry Waterfront and enhanced riverside promenade;
  • North Dee: A significant new office and business quarter at North Dee.

  South Dee

For more information on the City Centre Masterplan please visit;

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