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Background information

1.1 What is a masterplan?

A masterplan is a long term planning document that, whilst it will change over time, is intended to set out a clear vision for a particular area. It should reflect local and civic aspirations and plans. In its final form the plan should include a plan for delivery.

1.2 Why have a masterplan for the city centre?

We already have other policy guidance for the whole City, such as the Local Development Plan (LDP) and we also need to provide a guide for a range of specific place based initiatives – including how they fit together, and how to deliver them. The regeneration of Aberdeen's city centre has been identified as one of these specific initiatives and the final City Centre Masterplan will be developed with contributions from the community.

1.3 Why have consultants been appointed to do this?

The Council has a team of internal specialists, and we needed to augment this with a wider capability of people who not only know and support Aberdeen, but also can draw experience of best practice from around the world. We went through a procurement process and appointed the BDP team, who are working closely with Council staff.

1.4 How do previous plans feed into or influence the masterplan?

The key issues and messages, including comments people have made into the National Planning Framework (NPF) , Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan (SDP) and Local Development Plan (LDP) are all fed in – along with the Strategic Infrastructure Plan.

This is about making it more specific to the City Centre.

1.5 How fixed is a masterplan? Could we still get city centre proposals that people don't like or don't want?

The idea is to develop a vision, following public consultation, that sets the main objectives and themes for improving the city centre and a range of positive projects that can contribute to this.

1.6 Is this not coming too late with applications already in for several large-scale city centre developments?

Current and future applications and ideas have been discussed as part of this masterplanning process, so they are included in the thinking, but this is mainly about the direction going forward from now. Projects already committed to will be taken account of in the masterplan.