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Key to the symbols within Aberdeen Performs:-

Performance Improving  

Performance improving

Performance Worsening

Performance worsening

Performance Maintaining

Performance maintaining

Data being collated

Data being collated

Aberdeen Performs

ACC Headquarters, Marischal College Aberdeen City Council is required to report details of its performance across a range of indicators each year. Every year, Audit Scotland monitor the performance of all 32 of Scotland's local authorities to ensure councils meet Public Performance Reporting requirements. Information about previous years performance can be viewed separately under Statutory Performance Indicators 

Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF)

From the 2013/14 reporting year, we will be reporting on a new set of indicators which comprise the Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF). The purpose of these indicators is to assess and compare our performance with similar councils across the range of public service provision.  We will provide context information about these indicators and they will be reported when available, through this site.  More information can be accessed via their logo:- 

Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF)

Councils also report many other aspects of their performance in the provision of services and the carrying out of functions, which may not be covered by the Audit Scotland Direction.  In Aberdeen, this has usually taken the form of a brochure made available to members of the public through council offices, libraries and other public buildings.  As with many other public bodies, we have now decided to publish a record of our performance on our website.

One advantage of this is that because the content of Aberdeen Performs will be regularly reviewed and updated, you will be able to access details of the most recently available performance in those areas where we gather the information on a monthly basis.  In other cases, the information is only updated on an annual basis.

The content offers a picture of our performance against the indicators established in the Council's Corporate Business Plan. This plan sets out the Council's goals across six priority themes: Smarter Living, Smarter People, Smarter Environment, Smarter Economy, Smarter Governance and Smarter Mobility.  By clicking on an area which interests you, you can view details of our aims and objectives, achievements to date and the current or most recently available performance information.

The symbols which you see in Aberdeen Performs are intended to give an illustration of the general direction of travel in our progress toward achieving our goals (the key to the symbols is located at the top right hand side of this page).  We also show where the indicator is new and where is not currently data available to report.  As time goes on, this will change and you will be able to see information which details the progress and problems we encounter.  The reference to 'weight' shows the importance each indicator holds with regard to the achievement of our stated objectives.

As well as our Corporate Business Plan, on which Aberdeen Performs is based, each of the Council's 5 Directorates has a Service Business Plan and these are reviewed annually. These can be accessed through the links at 'Our Services.' The websites of the major inspection bodies which oversee the management and provision of some of our most important services can also be accessed, by selecting the links at 'What other agencies say.'

Finally, Aberdeen Performs is not a static list of figures but a changing picture of performance across the public and other sectors at work in Aberdeen.  You will see changes as you access the site from time to time and most importantly, we will be providing links to a range of other web pages and documents which you may find interesting, all of which supports our continuing commitment to a culture of open data and a well-informed public.

We welcome feedback from across our communities and there is a form available within the web page for you to complete if you wish to do so.  Please see the Your Feedback link at the top right hand side of the page for more information.

Firstly, where the money we spend comes from

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And how we spend it

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