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Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments

Picture of a man in a hooded top Impact assessment is an integral part of planning and policy development, which will help to provide a well-balanced and well thought out proposal.

Carrying out an Equality & Human Rights Impact Assessment (or EHRIA) is also a legal requirement for the Council to do to evaluate the impact our decisions have on our customers.  So when we are devising a new proposal or putting a decision into operation then we will have to complete one of these.

We do an Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment (EHRIA) when:

  • we are revising policies and strategies,
  • undertaking service reviews,
  • at an early stage in developing a new policy/strategy or service, and
  • when reviewing existing polices and services.

The EHRIA helps us to assess the impact of our proposals on the diverse groups within Aberdeen. It will ensure we meet the commitments set out in our Single Equality Scheme. It also helps us to promote equality and good community relations.

If we do an EHRIA and find certain equalities groups do not have access to our services, or are under represented, or are not getting as good a service, we must do something to resolve the situation.

If we are improving our services and access to services for the equality groups, we are improving our customer service for everyone.

Prejudice and Discrimination Reporting Form Aberdeen

Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment Form

The Council has a statutory duty to demonstrate that we have paid due regard to our equality obligations, although this does not prevent us making difficult decisions. Please see the following briefing note for more information: EHRIA Briefing Note

Search Impact Assessments

A searchable list of Equality & Human Rights Impact Assessments (or EHRIAs) is now available. The Assessment reports are PDF documents you can download. To find a specific Assessment you can search by Report Number, Title, Directorate, Committee Name, Date of Committee Meeting, or Date of Impact Assessment. To search for EHRIAs, please click on the following link:  EHRIA Search

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