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Community Council Election

Triennial Elections October 2015

The Community Councils election process will take place during September 2015, with the closing date for nominations being 1 October 2015.  All Community Councils who are successful will be officially established on 29 October 2015. The nomination process will be open from Thursday 3 September.  Please see the links below for further information and the relevant forms.

If you have any queries relating to elections, please contact:

If you have any queries relating to Community Councils, please contact:


Cove and Altens Community Council Election 2014

Community Council Elections 2013

Elections were held for three Community Council areas this year:

Triennial Elections October 2012 

Aberdeen City Council conducted triennial elections to 30 Community Council areas. Polling took place for Queens Cross and Harlaw Community Council and Torry Community Council on Thursday 25th October 2012. 


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